Thursday, 20 September 2012

Otti Albeitz: Initial Thoughts

There is something quite unique about Otti Albeitz, whilst comparisons to artists such as Jack Johnson and Dallas Green are inevitable, he seems to of taken the acoustic genre ( or as he likes to put it “Folktronica” ) in new and unexpected directions. This is impressive as many would argue that acoustic music has been done to death - until Otti hit the scene. Unfortunately we couldn’t find much background for you, generally all his info is quirky and comical - aptly reflecting his great live performances and musical style.

Perhaps the best way to describe his music is as a stripped back, more beautiful, more menacing Grizzly Bear. This works perfectly. The gentle, melodic vocal presentation doesn’t hint at the surprisingly dark and twisted lyrics occasionally found within, (“Oh the story so far/ The innocence of aching” “go ahead with colors blinding,/ though we fall we fly “) this is possibly best exemplified in songs such as Story so’fa. Characteristically his music is arranged with haunting vocals and soothing guitar melodies, these two contrasting components work eerily well together. We should warn you that unless you see him play live you wont get the full experience (and believe me you’ll want to!), namely for a couple of songs, chiefly The Hopeful Children. Perhaps this is down to limitations imposed by recording equipment, this isn’t to the advantage of the song (nothing compares to hearing his unrestrained and unhinged laughter!).

Like we mentioned two seconds ago seeing him live is an experience quite unlike any other, he puts on an incredible show. Making each member of the audience feel involved, he has this great personality which engages and enthrals everyone present. When going to an Otti show we’re not sure what we’re looking forward to more, the music or the conversation in-between. He also has a couple of well designed tee shirts on sale, not that we have one (much as we want one!).

We definitely prefer seeing him live, but his album is still awesome and available online for only seven quid (link after the jump) We love the direction he’s taken, its ethereal, progressive, inspiring and scary all at once - he recently finished recording a new album and we cant wait to hear it!

He’s one of the few local bands we’ve seen live who’s actually signed ( and he well deserves it. Album is on sale here:

Words by Suspicious Shades and Captain Harrington

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